The face behind Sweet Pepper Interiors

Stephanie van Luijk is a passionate Interior Designer, and the founder of Sweet Pepper Interiors. Young and ambitious the company was started at the end of 2016 and has since started to build an amazing portfolio.

Personal and Warm

It is my goal to always create something unique and innovative; something that suites you, the client, and that will be sustainable within your home, office or retail space. When considering your home, I always take note that it is a personal space, it should speak of your character, be warm and welcoming and have a good ambience. The same can be applied to a work space that should make you feel comfortable and inspired while maintaining the identity and integrity of the business. This is why Sweet Pepper Interiors takes the time to give you personal attention, where I stand open to all of your ideas.

Sweet Pepper Interiors

Why Sweet Pepper?

When I started my studies of Interior Designer, one of my first assignments was to accurately draw a cross-section of a bell pepper. An unexpected drawing subject, to which a friend of mine joked and said “if you ever start your own company your should name it after this.” Now, a few years later, I have started my own company and of course I named it Sweet Pepper Interiors.

Not only does this name speak of that story but it also pays tribute to my previous working experience in the hospitality sector where I gained business knowledge and inter-personal skills that I now apply everyday at Sweet Pepper Interiors.

Sweet Pepper Interiors is focused on sustainability and works with particular interest toward natural materials. The name honours my personal character as well as my design style: a blend of nature, serenity, lovingness and spicy innovation. Stephanie van Luijk


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